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Have You Been Scammed? 

Antiscam.org was created for the purpose of preventing people becoming victims of Russian dating scams. We expose Russian scammers! Are you a victim of the Russian dating scams? Are you concerned about being scammed in your search for a Russian bride? However the good news is that the operations of Russian scammers are declining. The development of technology with face-to-face communication limit Russian scammers ability for scamming. Nowadays scams are limited to mostly asking money for visas and plane tickets. There is no snail mail or emails where they can hide behind for long anymore. Online contact such as chat and Skype eliminate many opportunities of scammers to scam.    

Russian dating scams are not limited only to Russian scammers asking for money. There can be fraudulent Russian dating agencies that requires payment for service that they suppose to deliver and never deliver or create the impression that you correspond with a person that exist but in reality answer the emails themselves. There are cases of non existent Russian travel agents that produce fake invoices for plane tickets. 

Spot a Russian Scam

With all the information available it have become much simpler to spot a possible Russian scam. Also not that hard to find a reliable Russian dating agency that you can trust. It have become easier for dating agencies to detect a scammer that join an Russian dating agency. It use to be a full-time job for a Russian dating agency to detect scammers that join dating agencies. New technology limit scammers chances in making money from scams. Authorities in Russia and Ukraine have cracked down on scammers. The result is that the industry have became much cleaner and easier to find a Russian bride in a scam free environment.  

We still encourage people to report scams or suspicious behaviour that may take place in the Russian dating industry. We make information available to the general public and support those ones that are searching for a Russian bride. Anti Scam will remain a valuable source of information about Russian scams and Russian scammers. 

Russian Scams are limited

Russian dating scams exist but is easy to spot. Russian Scams are limited.  We also know that the vast majority of Russian and Ukrainian ladies are honest and sincere. There are many ladies that are looking for real love. Unfortunately a much smaller number of determined scammers give an undeserved reputation to all the rest. There is no reason to be halted in your search for a Russian bride. Armed with information from this website, how to detect a scam, you can be successful in finding your Russian bride without any problem.  

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