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Report a Russian scam

Please send reports ONLY if you have a new name of a Russian scammer or Russian scam for the list, or if you have photos of a different person using the same name. Thank you.

Please send us the following information to: report@antiscam.org

Scammer details:

Postal address:
Phone number:
Photos she sent you (all you have):
Letters she sent you (all you have):

Agency details:

Which agency/website you contacted her through:
Is this agency a member of Anti-Scam Program:
Did you report the scam to the agency:
What was the agency response:

Your contact details:

Your name (will not be published):
Your email address
(will not be published):
Your pseudonym (under which name to publish your story):
Your contact email address/URL to publish with the warning

Your story (as detailed as possible): 

If you don't have some information, put "unknown" in the field. If you want to report more than 1 scammer, please send information as separate messages to report@antiscam.org:

Please send the copy of this message to the agency you contacted the scammer through, or where the scammer has found you.

If you sent money to the scammer via Western Union, please report it to Western Union customer care department, too.

Thank you for your input!
You information helps to protect others. 



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